Human beings trying to be spiritual or spiritual beings trying to be human?

'Who Are We' really? How do we identify ourselves when bone and flesh disappears through the decay of time? It is as though an invisible breath resides in us whose magnitude is yet to be discovered. Shape, form, reliability, strength, power, existence become meaningless once one steps out of the transitory nature of human flesh.

How is one to go beyond the corporeal identification of a human body? We don’t stop loving someone just because we can't see their human form, anymore. What do we love when we say, “I LOVE YOU!” What do we see when we look at someone? Their eyes, their wallet, or perhaps their aura? How do hearts connect, or do they?

Do we love the human embodiment of our parents or is it their spirit-- the very same breath that keeps us alive this second. Do we marry the physical manifestation of a self-destructive body or do we marry an energy that reminds us of our Origin?

There are concepts that can’t be verbalized into human language, yet they swim quietly in our subconscious, a faint reminder that the breath within is me - yet not Me.