Its like rraaiiin.

The world is six things: its something you eat, its something you drink, its something you wear, its something you ride, its something you smell, or its something you marry.
The highest thing that you will eat in this world is the vomit of bees. (honey)
The highest thing that you will drink is water [and every animal drinks that].
The highest thing that you will wear is the excretion of a worm. (silk)
The highest thing that you will smell is the mucus of a gazelle. (musk)
The highest thing that you will ride is a horse (upon which men are killed),
and the thing you will derive pleasure from your marriage is the meeting place of where you urinate.

So don't get depressed.

- attributed to Hazret Ali (ra)


Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.

Why do we assume we are complete? That we are a finished form, evovled to the fullest, in our short stay on Earth. Who knows we just might be in the larva stage within an egg shell. Perhaps we're feeding on deeds (good or bad) in this world because that will help us become who we really are meant to be. The egg shell is penetrated only through death. and our real self leaves this body and prepares itself for the next stage?

Sounds magical? But its so hard to grasp because i know nothing else. I know i exist as long as my body is alive and once it stops functioning -- i'm no more. my accomplishments, my power, my loved ones are gone.

Perhaps I've invested "myself" in the wrong stock. Perhaps if i explored my real self within, maybe just maybe, im more than just flesh. i know what the greedy flesh wants but what about the rest of me (if there is more to me)?

Who am I and what the heck do I really want?


I like my internet friends, snort.

As nerdy and as freaky as it sounds, some of the best human beings ive met -- i met from the internet. In case, you freaks happen to be in New York in July or in Houston in December, dont try to contact me. Ok fine, contact me. Lets do all the things YOU WANT.

much love,