The Pursuit of Happiness...

I've written about this before and lately after watching so many programs on the topic, i felt like revisiting it. I remember the first time I read the Yusuf Ali translation, I couldn't believe how happy i was. I wanted to write to him not realizing he had passed on years ago. Then i went looking for answers but for the most part found very irritated and unhappy Muslims. I wondered why weren't these people happy? Happy because there was more to this world and we're all meant to be something more. That there was something, some Higher Power, just as eager for us to wake up, as we were to discover it.

Whenever i meet a Muslim, the first thing i look at is his or her state. Are they happy? Are they depressed? Are they angry? I mean, we've all met specimens who will start frothing at the mouth if they see you do something that doesn't jive with their chosen group. I look at these people and wonder what is it 'exactly' that's eating you... your anger can't be due to your love of Islam, because being in love makes a person happy and happy people don't shout at strangers.

I think, some people just dont know how to be happy. Most South Asians (as i know this group quite well) suffer from very low self-esteem. They determine their personal worth by how they are judged by the larger community. Being part of a group is more important than standing up for whats right. or rather, doing what feels right in the heart. they ignore their inner voice in order to please others, in the process negating their'self.' They stop pursuing happiness and instead focus on building a performance that might satisfy some of their audience but never brings them the satisfaction, the acceptance, their self really seeks.

This makes them angry. As long as they are with the 'in-group,' they feel somewhat 'worthy,' but as soon as they cross paths with someone who doesn't seem to care about 'group-think,' and is able to hold his own, they become angry. Perhaps its because in their presence they feel less worthy, unable to fill the void they've created for themselves for the most part of their life? Perhaps they feel cheated because they've given up so much of themselves and this happy person seem to be enjoying his life without having to sacrifice as much as them?

I've many faults and I try to better myself, but despite this im happy. I have countless reasons to be happy, we all do, and equally we all have the option to wake up happy or cranky each day of our life. I've met many people who see the countless faults in me, yet my shortcomings does not take away from their happiness, because that state only comes from within...