Reality Check?

We live in an artificial world with artificial means. It’s as if were almost part of a fictious world that is at odds with the real world. We live in cities that blot out the skies yet bedazzle casinos and ad campaigns. We live in secluded homes and watch reality through the eyes of the few who decide what is moral or immoral for us. We’ve built artificial cities over deserts all the while forgetting that the desert itself was a city full of people at some time. Ask a child and he won’t know how his food grows. Ask an adult and he won’t know how many artificial toxins are in the fruit he’s eating.

Does living in this artificial world affect our thinking-- our being? Do we make dumb assertions because of our environment? Is it because we’re so consumed with our slavery to consumption that we don’t have time to think in real terms? Can we pretend to understand people who are still in touch with nature, who haven’t destroyed nature to build a fake sense of reality?