Goldi - While thinking about your question, I got side tracked with shopping ( I bought 145 books for 45 dollars!) (Go library sales!) and by a question from another person (who chooses to remain anonymous). Basically, he/she wanted to know what kind of a Muslim I was. and after writing the a long email, which i'm turning into a post, I feel like I sort of answered your question as well. Perhaps, not really. But in short, I agree with you. God's Mercy extends to all things and while we know what 'attributes,' not, 'labels' are worthy of God's Mercy (as explained in the Quran and interpreted by Sunni Scholars), we can't place judgment on any human being, because:

a) its not our place (I'm no scholar)
b)who knows what state a person is when they die. (I'm no angel of death)

Our God is not a Tribal God. While He selects Whom He Loves, His Mercy extends to All. and yes, I will not answer your question directly. and I don't define myself as a Perennialists, but I do appreciate the wisdom of the two people,(mentioned earlier), who fall under that category.

Boo-Hoo! :)