The Secret...

There is an Islam, a reality, no one seems to speak about. (At least no one i know personally). There is an Islam that speaks of unseen worlds filled with angels that are all around us, a heavenly assembly that watches over us, even as i write this.

Don't you sometime wonder, who are the angels that surround you; what must they be like? What do they tell each other when they change stations. Do they like me, do they think I'm a good person, do they pray for me? Or does my stench drive them away?

All those times, I've felt alone and lonely, do they quietly remind me of my various connections? Will i recognize them someday?

Will i recognize myself without this shell of a body. What do i look like without this body? Where does my soul ago when I'm asleep? What does my soul look like?

There are so many layers, so many mysteries, waiting to be solved. But we don't seem to care. We're so consumed with all things dense, that we don't have time to formulate thoughts. Thoughts that can turn into heartfelt prayers. Prayers that can mend the broken link between heaven and earth.