Firstly,Why do we want our children to be perfect? Is your child perfect? Uh, no. But i do wish things will be perfect for her. Even then what is this obsession with perfection? What is with the transference of personal arrogance to this simple and pure Soul?
Secondly, being a parent or teacher doesn't excuse us from personal growth. As much as your child is dependant on you, you too are dependant on your child, for guidance, for self-reformation, for spiritual growth.
And lastly, how can you not believe in God, after holding a child in your hand. The love that you feel - that raw emotion - can't be human. Equally, how can you not feel the same emotion for all those who are weak and needy in the world...

We need to lift the veils of arrogance to see the true colors of our world, our children, and our personal realities.