My Lord,
Let my breast have a heart that is aware;
Give me an eye that will see, in the wine,
The intoxicating power of the wine.
This bondsman, who never lived by others' breath,
Give him a sigh that is native to him,
A sigh that is like dawn.
I am a flood, do not make me writhe in a shallow stream;
Give me, for playground, mountains and valleys.
If You would pit me against the boundless sea,
Give me, along with the restlessness of the wave,
The calm of the pearl.
You have set my eagle to hunt leopards;
Give him high resolve, and claws that are sharper.
I have set out to hunt the birds of the Sanctuary;
Give me an arrow that will hit the mark unshot.
I am but dust, set me afire with the light of David's song;
Give, to every particle of my being, wings of sparks.

Kulliyyāt-i Iqbāl-Fārsī (Lahore: Iqbal Academy Pakistan, 1990), p. 354.