I just want to know...

I’m a huge 'Lost' fan. Really, I stay up for hours, after putting my household to bed, researching theories and reviewing old episodes. Last night at about 2:30 in the morning I kind of wondered what the hell is wrong with me. Why can’t I just be content with what’s plain and obvious? Why am I obsessed with solving mysteries, finding clues, trying to understand the big picture? What is it about time travel, worm holes, and negative energy that can’t wait until the next day? Why am I so intrigued with the unexplained correlations that exist between the characters?

Well, duh, maybe because it’s the story of my life?

I’m a lost spirit (definitely not from this world) who travels to distance places in her sleep each night. The morning after I don’t remember a thing, I don’t even know what I look like while I’m... erm, traveling. I’m on this island, situated in some remote part of the galaxy, trying to link all the subtle clues [of my existence?] in order to find my ultimate answer. My ultimate destination...

Life is mysterious. (stranger than fiction really). It is full of wonders and excitement. (if you take the time to observe). But most of all it reminds us that we’re all meant to be something magnificent. (We’re destined for greatness). We just don’t know it yet.

Some of us just don’t know what our purpose is just yet; maybe that’s why we struggle. We struggle with mediocrity but hope for something more. We search the universe for clues but always return to the self for self-assurance. Ultimately, the answers lie beneath the surface, within our very heart, that carries some of the secrets of the unseen; probably the only object that can truly understand the true purpose of being.

so if i repair my heart, i will know the ending of 'Lost?' Huh? Oh look, it's 2:30 am again. Wee!