What is Humility?

"Humility is to submit to the truth and be ever ready to be driven by it, even if you hear it from a child or the most ignorant."

"The height of humility is for you to lower, or debase yourself, in front of someone who is lower than you in 'ni'ma' (blessings) of this dunya, so that you show him that you have no virtue over him by what you were blessed with in this world. And to behave in dignity, to elevate yourself, above the one who is above you in the 'ni'ma' of this world, to show him that he has nothing over you of virtue of what you were deprived from... "

Dignity in Humility:"Being humble doesn't mean debasing yourself at the expense of your human dignity. It means, to have the clarity and the vision to understand your environment, and the presence and the keenness to be patient and silent, to evaluate such in order to be able to make a contribution that would be alluded to hikmah or wisdom, as opposed to anything that is its opposite..."

*paraphrased from Sheikh Abdallah Adhamis lecture series on the Shama`il of Imam Tirmithi.

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