Disconnection is all the cause of all depression...

I’ve had my ups and downs with staying home instead of following my career. I’ve gone through periods where I feel useless. As if I don’t serve any purpose. When I feel like that, I tend to get depressed. When im depressed I don’t feel like doing house/family related stuff. Soon the family suffers. Everyone waits for me to get back on track, and we resume the cycle.

But last year I spent some time reflecting on myself and discovered the following: Disconnection is the cause of all depression. My problems didn’t start when I quit my career; they started with when I stopped remembering. I stopped reflecting on the signs of Allah swt which made me forget my origin. I forgot that I’m part of something big, that everything is interconnected, and that im on my way to somewhere.

The problem with feeling sorry for yourself is that you become selfish. So self – absorbed that you ignore the infinite amount of blessings that surround you, and instead you focus only on negative perceptions being created to justify your laziness. And then you watch a movie like “slum dog millionaire” and wonder how patient God must be to put up with you.

I would’ve kicked me repeatedly --. (ehe, gulp)

Can i get a Thank You, Lord!