Why other mothers are not competition?

It's been a while blog. I guess, i didn't have anything meaningful to add. But as of late, i feel the need to compile some early childhood links and such -- and since I'm too lazy to start a new blog, i will just start adding them here.

But first some thoughts on spiritual/educational stinginess. What is up with that? Too often, I've been asked by many a well-wishers the reason behind my frankness to share whatever the heck i might know at the moment. Why aren't i hoarding this information for myself and my children?? (This is not directed at any one person. No, Not you!)

As if i shared something that might be beneficial for someone else, somehow it will take something away from my child's future. Somehow, i will weaken my progeny's success rate and others will overtake them?!?! seriously?

Sadly, this kind of lazy and insecure competition is prevalent amongst people of knowledge. People who very well understand that all good and bad is from GOD and nothing we can do will take away from someones destiny. Yet, still there is that nagging insecurity that makes mothers act in strange ways.

I mean, logically, shouldn't sharing goodness and knowledge elevate you and yours? any act of goodness has got to impact you in some positive way? perhaps? (see ayas below)

whereas, hoarding information to yourself, denying people something of benefit (especially when you believe that every person around you is a source of trial and sent to you by God), and wishing them ill so you and your progeny can succeed cant be too conducive to your health. really

All of us know more than one of us. We are a source of rehma for each other. So why not share what we know, in the hope that our acts of kindness may bring some blessings for our families from up above. amen.


So God gave them the reward of the life of this world and the best reward of the hereafter. God loves the good-doers. (3:148)

... There is good in the life of this world for those who do good, and the abode of the hereafter is even better. How wonderful is the abode of those who have fear of God. (16:30)