Things that make you go hmm...

Why are Muslims so cranky? Why are Imams so angry? Why are Muslim Women so dry? Why are Muslim Men not Men? (Ooo, that was below the belt). Ok i take it back. i take it all back. but... you know wut im sayin'?

Shouldn't Muslims be the happiest, most content, cheerful, slap me on my left cheek, because this stupid world is ending anyway, type of people? There are no problems for believers, anything and everything is a test, and God is ready to just love us to death! and erm, after death.

THEN WHY OH WHY, are people cranky all the time?

Liberals are mad at conservatives. Sunnis are mad at Shias. Salafis dont like Sufis. Women are mad at men. and other women. Men take out their frustrations on their wives and kids. and if that Man happens to be an imam, he takes it out on the rest of the community. and on and on goes the vicious cycle.

We all spend too much time splitting hairs, playing with LABELS, loving each second of our nonsense-point making non-existence.

I heard, whenever someone insulted Imam Malik, he sent them a tray of fruit, to thank them for shaving off some of his sins. Now he was a HAPPY MUSLIM. Let's hear it for Imam Malik (ra).

When people insulted Prophet Muhammad (saw) he made dua for them anyway. Because HE was a HAPPY MAN. HE was a MAN IN LOVE! Who loved everyone and was created Beloved.

All signs, in all shapes and form, point to one simple truth: Our Human race was created BELOVED. WE are LOVED**. Isn't that reason enough for Muslims to go, Whooooooooopty-doo I don't care what you say to me, or do to me, i wont let you cut in my celebration. I want to celebrate me. I want to celebrate you. I want to celebrate God. (Or be more eloquent by quoting Mr. Ibn Atallah, "Say: 'Allah'
then leave them plunging in their games." )

Lets just all have a party and rejoice in celebration.

But noooo, we rather pick on each other. Tell each other how wrong we are in the way we worship, or the group we affiliate with because we're just too cranky. boo-hoo.

Gone are the models of Men and Women whose presence - not their unstoppable tongues- brought masses to swoon while longing for God.

God, remember Him? The One Who Created us with love, and to whom we shall return? Yeah, im sure He's going to give all of us a nice cookie for spending most of our life being cranky and mean to those HE Loves.

Good Job!

**Say: if you love God, follow me and God will love you."(Q. 3:31)

"…He will produce people whom He loves and who love Him." (Q. 5:54)