Does the universe appear to follow mathematical laws?

The Greek mathematician Pythagoras declared that numbers were the basic elements of the universe. Ever since, most scientists have embraced a kind of mathematical creationism though some contend that mathematics is not an ethereal essence but comes from people who invented, not discovered it.
"Albert Einstein, taking a different view of whole numbers, wrote that "the series of integers is obviously an invention of the human mind, a self-created tool which simplifies the ordering of certain sensory experiences."
Even if the human mind is born with an innate-wired –in-aptitude for mathematics that still doesn’t prove that it is just an abstraction of the human mind. We are part of nature -supposedly evolved from the same material that makes up the universe-a mathematical mind cannot evolve in an un-mathematical universe? or can it?

What is your view? Does the universe appear to follow mathematical laws? (finding similar patterns in nature, fibonacci numbers in flower petals, repeat of spherical shapes, etc..) What are the origins of numbers and the relationships they obey? did treating mathematics as a sacred science led to the boom in islamic architecture? Has anyone done any research on this subject? i sucked at math as a student but am willing to learn now!

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