(In this age and time, coming into contact with a pure and sincere soul is like receiving a much needed spiritual CPR. i completely adore Shaykh Abdullahs, synergy, humanity, creative thoughts, and his ability to connect with everyone - kids, elders, men and especially women. At the end of the session, his comments about "women led prayer" are especially moving.)

42nd Annual ISNA Convention
Muslims in North America:
Accomplishments, Challenges and the Road Ahead

Between Home and the Mosque – Muslims and Culture
Many Muslims are confused about the role that culture should play in their lives.What is the relationship between religion and culture? What are the standards fordetermining which diverse cultural practices are acceptable and enriching andwhich practices are to be rejected? Should imagination and creativity be subjectto Islamic norms of propriety? Speakers: Abd al-Haqq Alan Godlas, Umar Faruq Abd-Allah

Believing Men and Women as Partners of Faith
Allah states in the Qur’an (9:71) “The believing men and the believing women areprotectors (awliya) of one another;they enjoin what is right and forbid what iswrong,they establish prayer and pay the Zakah and they obey Allah and HisMessenger;it is those upon whom God will show mercy….”How can Muslimmen and women better demonstrate these characteristics of believers? Whatinternal and external obstacles prevent us from achieving this noble ideal and des-perately needed model of behavior?Speakers: Ingrid Mattson, Maliha Chishti, Abdullah Adhami