Tranquility is attractive...

I don’t consider myself a religious groupie but I do find myself gravitating towards certain scholars, ideologies, and books. In order to better understand why I like listening to certain people over others I made the following observations:

1. I like soft, peaceful, and calming voices. I don’t enjoy screaming marathons nor am I moved much spiritually by a person who thinks the louder they scream (even if in Arabic) the better I’ll grasp the concept in question. Interestingly, I don’t have a soothing pitch myself, in fact, in moments of excitement im reminded by loved ones to control my volume. Does the pitch of our tone give an inkling of how we feel inside? Do I find calm voices soothing because I lack calmness within myself? Incidentally, I was listening to Mr. Winters (Abdul Hakim Murad) and I kid you not a bird started chirping in the background, as if it was enjoying listening to him. He’s one guy who has a serene and soothing voice. More power to him.

2. I like people who aren’t frustrated easily, who control their anger, and sort of have this aura about them that exudes contentment. You can say anything to them, yet they’ll smile, nod, and make you feel like you have every reason to be unreasonably whiny, and yet still find a way to gently push you into a positive direction. I don’t enjoy angry, argumentative, academics because they bring nothing but a feeling of frustration. There’s no feeling of excitement only boredom. There are some very learned experts out there but not all of them have the ability to impart the ‘energy-force,’ that makes us want to be better people.