Healing from the Heart

"The heart really is that entity for me. It's power, it's strength, it's energy, it's spirit." — Dr. Mehmet Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz is one of the nation's leading heart surgeons at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. Dr. Oz says, "In my mind there is no question that there is a tremendous spiritual element to the heart disease that we see endemic in this country."

Searching for the Soul"We don't know where the soul is in the body, but for heart surgeons, we often joke that it's inside the middle of the heart. There is actually a piece of tissue in the middle of the heart that touches all four chambers which when you grab with your fingers during a heart transplant, you say 'I've captured the soul.'"

Taking Science a Step Beyond"I never forget... the Spirit. Where are they going? Why are they here? Why does their heart beat? Why should it keep beating? Why should we bother saving their lives?"

"If I don't deal with those emotional issues often surrounding the lack of spirituality in the lives of these patients, I haven't done my job well."

Spiritual Empowerment & Opportunity"We can take advantage of massage. We can do yoga, which allows you to meditate on what your body is doing in the safety of a hospital. We can empower patients, give them responsibility and they can take that responsibility to make themselves better."

"[Illness] provides you the ability to grow, to evolve, to mature. If you treat illness as an obstacle which prevents you from enjoying the rest of your life, you're missing an incredible opportunity."

Dr. Mehmet Oz's book is called Healing from the Heart
In Healing From The Heart, noted cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz presents a cutting edge vision of medicine for the 21st century—an outlook incorporating both ancient and ultra-modern approaches to healing.

Recounting his own journey of discovery as a physician, along with gripping accounts of his patients' recoveries, Dr. Oz reveals the crucial role of the spiritual heart—emotional well-being—in empowering us to maintain or regain our physical health.

He explains the value of complementary therapies such as hypnosis, guided imagery, massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, music therapy, prayer, yoga, and energy medicine, detailing studies and case histories of their use in combination with the latest surgical techniques. Healing From The Heart is a must-read for all who suffer from illness, particularly heart and surgery patients, and their loved ones.