How well do you know your body...

I've found that focusing my energy on weight loss isn’t as productive as aiming for a healthier lifestyle. To gain a better understanding of how my body works, I’ve been reading, "You - The Owners Manual by Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz," which is very reader friendly. Once, you understand how each system in your body operates, you better understand what kind of fuel is needed to make your body function more productively. Also, you begin to notice positive/negative trends in your indigenous diet helping you to track down the bad stuff and slowly eliminating it. (I’ve failed so far, heh)

Questions to ask yourself:
1. Check your diet: What do you eat everyday? Do you eat small portions of unhealthy stuff or large portions of healthy stuff? (I was eating a lot of fried foods and empty carbs which were making me feel lethargic)
2. What kind of oil/butter do you use?
3. How much water do you drink?
4. How many hours do you sleep?
5. Do you poop everyday? Check your poop! (heh, that’s a serious question, believe it or not)(search: "Everybody poops" on Oprah.com)

Top 10 Foods to Eliminate

1. Candy
2. Chips
3. Ice Cream
4. Frosted Snack Cakes
5. Fruit "Flavored" Drinks
6. Pizza Snacks
7. Toaster Pastries
8. Nachos
9. Soda Pop
10. Cookies

General advice:

-Water (not soft drinks)

- Avoid late meals - atleast three hours before bed. Also dont eat sugar-based products after 8:00 pm.

- Eat smaller portions (plate size 9 inches not the usual 11 inch)

- Foods to eat daily - 9 handfuls of fruit and vegetables; atleast 1 ounce of nuts; whole -grain breads and creals that contain fiber

- Foods to eat at least 3x a week - Fish (salmon, mahi mahi, tilapia, catfish, trout)

- Fiber is important: (vegetable form: artichokes, lima beans, soybeans. Fruit Form:grapefruit, blackberries and raspberries. Whole Grain: Oatmeal, etc..)

-Foods rich in magnesium like beets, raisins, dates and soybeans are important because they get your bowels moving!

- Vitamin D is a cancer-fighting agent . Non-fat milk, orange juice or supplements are great sources.

-incorporate tomatoes into your sauces, salads, and curries.

- Avoid Toxins (water washes/cleanses toxins out of your body)

- Avoid processed foods that contain trans and saturated fats

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