Heart And Electricity - What causes the first heart beat?

(alert! - unsubstantiated conjecture ahead)
We know that a normal heart beat is initiated by a small pulse of electric current. But where does this pulse come from? What causes the very first stimuli responsible for initiating contraction?

In the heart there are cells specialized in producing electricity called Pacemaker Cells. They produce electricity by changing their electrical charge from positive to negative and back. The contractions which appear roughly the 22nd day of gestation are myogenic in nature, which means the contractions arise spontaneously within the muscular portion of the heart. While the nervous system can modify the heart rate, it doesn’t not initiate beats.

In sum, cells that comprise the muscular portion of the heart have an intrinsic ability to produce electrical charge. Question is, what causes certain cells to develop this ability as opposed to other cells?

I don't know where I'm going with this but not being able to understand the origin of this electric current paired with the importance Muslims give to the 'heart' (as opposed to the brain) should make someone want to write a science-fiction novel.

We live as long as this electric impulse is prensent, and we die in its absence. Yet we dont know where it comes from. hello. I see a story there.

Furthemore, I've been intrigued with the idea of electricity being able to travel vast distances in a very short duration of time. If you look up how satellite tv works, or how a phone call works, you'll see what i mean.

Can our origin be contained/connected in/to this electric impulse of our heart? If our spirit is paired with this electric impulse, can we too travel vast distances in a form of electric energy not yet fully understood by us?

Hmmm...I think, i want to read up on worm-holes now. Ironic, because I never liked Physics or Math as a student.