A Blast From The Past...

This is a letter written to my mother-in-laws father from one of his friends, which he passed on to my husband. I found it so endearing. How come we dont write hand-written letters anymore? (although, thanks mudd for sending me a hand-written note!) ;)
time frame: uh,1960s? (unknown)

My Dear X

The other day at dinner in the Mess you made a reference to my talk in Abbottabad some years ago. I do not remember the exact words, but the theme, since it is an essential part of my Faith, is ever fresh in my mind.

I would therefore like to reaffirm that since we believe that God is the Embodiment and Fountainhead of all Absolute and Perfect Knowledge, a person with the maximum of learning is closest to God.

Every time we acquire new knowledge or make a fresh discovery we tear down a curtain of ignorance between us and The Creator and thus move a little close to the Fountainhead.

Therefore the only road to God is the path of knowledge, in the pursuit of which one should spend the whole of this eartly life.

Imperfection is the destiny of human knowledge as perfection belongs only to God. Any human being who considered himself perfect has only shut himself from acquisition of more knowledge and has thus become intellectually stagnant.

The glory of humanity lies in a constant and unquenchable thirst to seek wider horizons of knowledge and discovery in a ceaseless endeavour to create a better world.

Yours sincerely,