Wipe Wet

Finally, the west is catching on to the "LOTA" system. For years, we've had to endure baffled looks from strangers when wetting tissue paper in a public bathroom, i say "AHAAAAAAAAAAAAHH" to all of you. and you. I wonder, by what century "lotas" or "bidets" will become compulsory in public bathrooms.


"In Western culture, the theory goes, a man shakes with his right hand so he can't use it to grab his sword. You know what Eastern Culture says? We shake with the right because we know darn well you just wiped yourself with your left. Besides, Pilates, the best thing you can do for your bottom is to buy wet wipes. Why? if you accidentally got feces all over your hand, would you wash it off or wipe it off with dry toilet paper? Exactly.

You'd run over to the sink faster than a sprinter in an Olympic qualifier. So why do we wipe ourselves with dry, sandpaper like toilet paper after we go to the bathroom? It's also not the right cleaning system because it's irritating and increases the lilkihood of getting hemorrhoids. While we're not recommending you install a bidet. you can get the same effect by simply wetting toilet paper in the sink before using it, or using disposable wet wipes that are small versions of the ones you use on babies."

(You - The Owner's Manual by Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz M.D)