The change that I seek is not around me but within me?

What a revelation it is to simply realize that every single agent of your environment is the way its supposed to be and is exactly in the right place at the right time. The initial disheartenment slowly changes to Submission once the Ultimate reality seeps in and you give yourself a rest from foolishly attempting to manage the affairs of God. I guess, that’s what makes content people so endearing, so glorious, and so darn attractive!

After all, we all belong to God and are struggling to go back home. We must subconsciously envy the will of those who haven’t been seduced by the cheap thrills this world has to offer. Adore the strength with which they let go of their deepest love. Envy the dignity with which they partake in this world, and the position they will hold in the Company of God. How ironic is the feat of most of us who spend our life exerting our utmost energy in failed attempts to manipulate our environment, never realizing the irony of it all, that everything is the way its supposed to be.