State Of Mind

Lately, I’ve been wondering about our ‘state of mind.’ The online dictionary defines it as “The collective conscious and unconscious processes in a sentient organism that direct and influence mental and physical behavior.” Ok, so what’s going on in our heads, anyway?

I find that most people are bored, unsatisfied, depressed, disillusioned, angry, hostile, argumentative, lethargic, jaded, and self-absorbed. (How can one make someone else feel better when their own insides stink of misery?)

According to Mr. Hakim Archuletta, “We don't think sadness or anger, we feel sad or angry. We feel with our body, a simple truth often overlooked.” So why do we choose to feel negative emotions with our bodies instead of positive ones? Why do we spend hours frustrating ourselves when we have the power to influence our MENTAL and PHYSICAL behavior?

If you think about it, we all really are a kingdom of our own. We decide how many toxins (look up healthy eating) enter our body and who can affect us emotionally, we decide which muscles to tense up while feeling angry and which muscles to relax when feeling exhilarated. Then why do we live in moments that make us feel “helpless?”

Of course, one can’t avoid tensing up to trials and downright abuse but did people of the past live in a ‘helpless vegetative state’ as we do? Even though we’re told their trials were far harsher (to the extent that even prophets cried out for help)? If God places only those burdens that a person can bear, then why don’t we love ourselves enough to get past negative emotions and bring relaxation back into our bodies, in our discussions, in our communities, in our families – in our state of mind?