Overlooking Basic Principles

hmm, i feel jolted/inspired by these remarks from a dear friend. thought someone else may find them helpful:

"I barely have time to do anything nowadays especially to articulate my criticisms on websites of the many who do not realize that the many problems we face as an ummah derive from our overlooking the fundamentals of the faith)

You are more than welcome to use the quote (I prefer anonymity so there's no need to credit me), though I anticipate that most will see it as a banality. There is, however, a good deal most don't know about tawhid and what believing in His oneness actually entails; the layperson simply equates tawhid with avowing monotheism. And tawhid is a pillar of the faith. Speaking of another pillar, when is the last time fajr was prayed in a sizeable congregation? There's no need for me to pontificate further on the other pillars. We seek to tackle the intellectual hurdles, and constantly parrot the need for ijtihad - all the while ignoring the fundamentals."