Things that make you go…

1. What’s up with people using “SubhanAllah, Alhumdulilah, Mashallah” interchangeably with every other sentence?

Guy: :Knocking incessantly:
Me: I think the room is locked.
Guy: SubhanAllah!!!
Me: HEH?
Guy: mashallah, I didn’t realize the room was locked, alhumdulilah.

I understand words like brother, sister, umm blank, abu blank, sidi, are part of an in-group's vocabulary. They’re used as a sign of respect among certain cultures and I have no problem using them myself, but when you see people mindlessly using words, that are used to describe the Divine and are used specifically for certain reasons, I can’t help but wonder, what the heck is going through their mind? It’s like saying: “My name is thank you nisa and I like bless you using Arabic words thank you.”

2. What’s up with Muslim Women Cliques in the masjids? As if there aren’t enough issues for women to dwell on, now you have to combat these rather angry GI JAMILAS that feel it is their God-Given right to talk down to strangers. They’ll scream in their loudest voice possible that screaming is not allowed in the masjid. Ok then why are you screaming? They’ll, make sure to stand at an angle just to let everyone know, the line is not straight. Well, maybe If you decided to come back and join the line it would be? What is this desperate need to be the QUEEN BEE and feed off the entrails of mankind? First of all it’s not your house but even if you persist on playing the hostess on behalf of God than at least play nice? Hasan (ra) and Hussein (ra) anyone?

I see two things happening here, first, the dire need of the new comer to be part of the in-group; and second the desperate attempts of the pseudo-leaders at instilling a submissive, subservient demeanor on the part of its members.

Is this a vicious cycle? Most American Junior High kids know that it is better to be part of a clique than an outcast. As they get older, poor kids form gangs, rich kids form fraternities. But does it stop there? Not really. Poor folks go to clubs, rich people join country clubs.

Obviously, we like the group setting and there’s nothing wrong with that, per se. but why oh why, most adults get stuck in the high school phase? Why do we feel the need to talk down to people in order to help them?

It's funny though, it's mostly kids - not adults- who stand up to this kind of behavior. i saw a kid running while eating his sandwich. he was stopped, scolded, and told it was haraam to eat while running. he calmly turned around and told the teacher, "its makrooh not haraam." ahaha, i loved that. ofcourse, its bad manners to run and eat but it surely isnt haraam and the teacher had no right to shame him the way he did.

well i say, next time someone tells you you’re stepping out of line, feel free to tell them, NO, it is you who is out of line!